thread Southeast (Services provided through AEYC - SEA)

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Joy Lyon

Executive Director - AEYC - SEA

Oversees thread services through the Association for the Education of Young Children – Southeast Alaska. Contact for public policy information, community collaborations, demographics, and statistics.

Contact Joy Lyon

907.789.1235 ext 106


Tanya Howard

Finance Manager

Manages all financial activities at AEYC-SEA.

Contact Tanya Howard

907.789.1235 ext 109


Nikki Love

Community Engagement Coordinator

Contact for information about the USDA Child Care Food Program and partnerships for family and children activities.

Contact Nikki Love

907.789.1235 ext. 107


Lisa Arehart

Professional Development Coordinator

Provides training, services, and support to early childhood educators. Contact for professional development and training needs, CDA support, and information about early learning development and Learn & Grow.

Contact Lisa Arehart

907.789.1235 ext 108


Hannah Weed

Professional Development Specialist

Contact for transcript requests, training registrations, support for reimbursements and grants, and information on Learn & Grow Level 1.

Contact Hannah Weed

907.789.1235 ext 112


Blue Shibler

HR/Professional Development Specialist

Provides services and support to early childhood educators.

Contact Blue Shibler



Kassandra Moore

Professional Development Associate

Contact for information regarding Child Care Assistance, training support, and office/administrative support.

Contact Kassandra Moore



Lisa Oberle

Professional Development Specialist

Provides training, services, and support to early childhood educators.

Contact Lisa Oberle



Robin Anderson

Ketchikan Professional Development Specialist

Provides professional development support for early childhood educators in Ketchikan.

Contact Robin Anderson